We are located at Suite 7 on the ground floor of Elgar Hill Medical Suites, 28-32 Arnold Street, Box Hill (on the corner of Arnold Street and Elgar Road)

Car Parking

Secure Car parking (with lift access) is available in the Basement at Elgar Hill Consulting Suites or in the street (ramp access available via Rodgerson Road)

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Other Facilities

The Elgar Hill Medical Suites include Radiology and Pathology services on site.

Consulting Rooms

Mr Cavallo consults at Elgar Hill Plastic & Hand Clinic on Thursday and Friday afternoons. He also consults at Ringwood Private Hospital on Friday mornings and and Peninsula Specialist Medical Suites on every fourth Monday morning.


Appointments for consultations with Mr Cavallo at Elgar Hill,  Ringwood Private and Rosebud Rooms  can be made by phoning our friendly staff at 9899 8490


Minor Procedures (removal of moles, cysts, small skin cancers etc.) may be performed in the Elgar Hill Rooms.  Major Procedures will be arranged at Ringwood Private, Vermont Private or Epworth Eastern.

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy at Elgar Hill Plastic and Hand Clinic is available every day of the week and is run by Melbourne Hand Therapy.

For details of the service please see www.melbournehandtherapy.com.au